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Learn About Bay & Bow Windows

Homeowners can turn any room into a cozy lounge area with projection windows, such as bay windows and bow windows. Add shelving and a bench, and this window style can create a whole new atmosphere in your home.

A bay window is a window style made up of three panels of replacement windows in a semi-circle structure. These window panels can be filled with functional windows like casement or awning windows and a stationary window like a picture window. A bow window is made up of four, five, or six panels of replacement windows in a customizable design. You can also fill these panels with functional and stationary windows.

These window styles add dimension and more natural light to any room in your house. Add custom options to complement your home, such as warm colours, an elegant handle, or grille designs. We even offer energy efficient glass options designed for your climate.

We build energy efficient Fibrex® material window frames. This composite material is twice as strong as vinyl and supports larger panes of our quality glass to give homeowners an enhanced view. These window frames can last up to 20 years! That’s twice as long as standard vinyl windows.

Featured Video

Our featured video takes through each aspect of this great window option that provides a great view and ventilation.


Colour Options

Some colour combinations not available. Please contact us for more information.

Interior Colours
Exterior Colours
Window Grille Options
No Grille
Modified Prairie Grille
Colonial Grille
Farmhouse Grille
Prairie Grille

We have invited one of our neighbours already to proudly show the new Andersen Windows. Two more to follow later!

Siegfried R.

From the first estimate to the end of the job, my husband and I were very impressed with Renewal by Andersen. Only two windows and a patio door were done at this time but we plan to do more in the near future.

Margaret O.

The team was so pleasant, respectful and professional. By the end of the project they felt like caring friends!

Ron. O

The installation crew was absolutely amazing, and helped us think through a few issues that could arise as a result of the new window (for instance, the alarm system). They also did some on-the-spot adjustments to suit our particular needs!

Joanne G.

Windows are top quality, installers were very professional and friendly. We like the ability to replace our windows in stages which eases the financial impact.

Allan L.

Every appointment was right on time. I liked the fact that we were able to really take our time to explore options and that the proposed outcomes were available on ipad to see how the various choices would actually look.

Barbara S.

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Serving the Surrounding Areas

We would love to help you with your next home improvement project! Our goal is to make the entire window replacement process super easy for you from start to finish. All it takes is a single phone call to get started improving the look and feel of your home. Ready to schedule your free in-home replacement window consultation? Don’t hesitate to give us a call today and ask about our special offers!

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